Water in General:
Water - Wikipedia - An article covering many aspects of
Water Science for Schools - A website by the U.S.
Geological Survey (USGS) designed for students.
Encyclopedia of Water Terms - Useful definitions & links.
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Waterfall in Brazil
Water often the subject of some
beautiful photography and art.
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Chemistry of Water:
Water (molecule) - Wikipedia - An article about the
chemical properties of water.
Water Properties - A brief but accurate page about
water by the
Water Chemistry - A much more detailed page about
the physical and chemical properties of H2O.
Masaru Emoto:
OFFICE MASARU EMOTO - Masaru Emoto's personal website.
HadoLife - An organization which does research into
the water-crystals.
What the Bleep!? - A page about the water-crystals and
Dr. Emoto, as seen in "
What the Bleep do we Know!?"
The Water Crisis:
Water crisis - Wikipedia - An article about the impacts
of the water crisis.
Water Crisis - A page by the World Water Council
about the water crisis and our future.
The Water Cycle:
Water cycle - Wikipedia - An article about the
processes of the water cycle.
The Water Cycle - A website about the water cycle
designed for kids.
Global Warming:
Global warming - Wikipedia - A detailed article about
global warming; including causes, models, and more.
UK Rivers Network - A very useful collection of student
research resources about global warming.
Water and Life:
Water (Effects on Life) - Wikipedia - A brief article on
the effects water has on life.
Water Biology - A more detailed article on water,
including ideas for teachers.
Water and Poverty:
End Water Poverty - an international campaign to
provide clean water for the world.
Water Pollution:
Water pollution - Wikipedia - An article explaining water
pollution and its causes.
Water Pollution Guide - A fun website with lots of easy-
to-understand information about water pollution.
Water and Religion:
Water (Religion...) - Wikipedia - A brief article about
water's effects on religion, philosophy and literature..