Water and Global Warming
Mount Kilimanjaro
NASA images of Mount
Kilimanjaro in 1993 and 2000.
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Global warming is currently a very important issue. There are
numerous speculations as for the cause, however, this page will
explain the observations concerning water.

As you can see in the images on the right, glaciers are melting rapidly.
Water levels are also rising. Many people are worried about flooding -
quoting Sir David King, “The maps of the world will have to be
redrawn.” Not only could predicted rising waters put a low-level city like
New Orleans underwater, but the long-term effects could make storms
and tornadoes even more dangerous.

Many communities, agricultural areas, farms and coastal cities,
depend on water. If sea levels continue to rise as expected, it's
possible that streams and other freshwater sources could become
contaminated with salt water.

The facts mentioned here are only a few concerning water. If you wish
to learn more about global warming you can see the
links page.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, or have different ideas
about the causes, it's always a good idea to save energy. Turn off
lights, screens, computers and other electrical devices when you're not
using them. Try walking, biking, using public transport, etc., instead of
a car when you're going somewhere. Carpool if you can. Turn off
heating when you are not in your home or at night. You can also
recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, and many more things.

Keep in mind that most things on this page are predictions; if they are
true, they can be prevented.

Please visit the links page for a list of websites where you can learn
more information about global warming, among many other things.